Local Veterinarian Says Hemp Treatment Is Helping Dogs

CW Paws Hemp OilFORT SMITH (KFSM)- Medical marijuana has been a big topic for people, but what about pets? Some are finding relief for their canine companions with legal forms of cannabis.

Dr. Remer has been a veterinarian in Fort Smith for more than 30 years and said there’s a new way to treat animals; hemp pills and oils.

“I have used it for arthritic dogs,” Remer said. “I have used it with dogs who are anxious during storms or someone new being in the house or dogs that were so nervous that they were vomiting. Not only does the oil relieve the anxiety, it blocks them from vomiting and that’s a God-send for a lot of owners.”

The pills and oils are not marijuana and they won’t get the dog high. Instead, they contain olive oil and hemp, which is legal across the country.

“There isn’t any toxins,” Remer said. “The THC is the compound that causes the euphoria, the feel good stuff. This doesn’t have that. So, if we can use this compound free of the toxins, then we’re going to get the beneficial effects without the side effects of the intoxication.”

From anxiety to broken bones, vets said the hemp products are helping dogs in a different way than traditional medication.

“[This is] a compound that will not affect the kidneys, will not affect the liver, and doesn’t cause the gastrointestinal problems like the anti-inflammatories,” Remer said. “But, it will stop pain, it will stop anxiety. I’ve tried it and patients have responded marvelously.”

People in our area are catching on and Dr. Remer said locals are becoming more open to helping their pets.

“As long as it’s safe, I could see it being helpful,” dog owner, Josh Morgan said. “We have our Yorkie and when we moved into our house, had real bad anxiety. He was actually tearing the dry wall. His anxiety was so bad, he would just sit there and tear up the wall every time we left.”

Dr. Remer said this could be the start of something new.

“It’s opening up a whole new door for us on what we’re able to use and help the animals with without resorting to pharmaceutical means,” Remer said.

The dosage of pills and oil vary depending on the weight of the dog.

Several companies have created dog-friendly hemp products including Charlotte’s Web, Canna-Companion, and Hemp RX.

Dr. Remer developed the idea to include the oils and pills in his practice after seeing the positive results the brand, Charlotte’s Web had on a young girl with debilitating seizures.

For more information about hemp products, you can ask you veterinarian or visit any of the products’ websites.